What we do

Data Analytics & Statistics

As a data and analytics agency, Media Horizon helps businesses to make smart, data-driven decisions. We combine behavioural and data sciences to identify patterns in data sets to predict the behaviours of your customers, employees and even the environment your business operates. We offer our services in trend analysis, trend forecasting, market analysis, data analytics, risk analysis, business analysis and in many other to help businesses to increase ROI.

With the large set of data available in your business, having a solid BI strategy is crucial in order to move towards data-driven decision making. We help businesses to build long-term plans to turn their big data into valuable insights. Regardless of the size of the data you have, we can do the data preparation, analysis, visualisation and also data science through machine learning.

We can help you with

  • Trend Analysis
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Market Analysis
  • Data Analytics
  • Risk Analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • Operation Research
  • Mathematical Modelling

Web Analytics and Big Data Insights

Meaningful insights to make the right move

Today, smart devices have revolutionised the way people interact with businesses and brands. There can be multiple channels that drive traffic to your business, create leads, making phone calls, asking questions and engage with your brand in many other ways. How can you choose the best engagement strategy for your business when the data flow is continuous and bulky?

Media Horizon can rescue you from this matter by providing analytical solutions for big data and continues data by automatically combine data from multiple sources to make custom dashboards that are easy to understand and give meaningful insights for you to make timely decisions before your competitors.


We can help you with

  • Understand your business and customers better
  • Real-time analysis and forecast actions that have an impact on your business performance
  • Recognize data that can improve decisions you make
  • Reduce operational cost in multiple stages
  • Understand consumer behaviour

Machine learning

Using Artificial Intelligence in business

In today’s competitive market, access to data is no longer limited to the big players in the market. Advancements in cloud computing, machine learning, automation and AI technologies make insights available to any business. How can you differentiate your business from the rest to stay ahead of the competition is to make use of machine learning and AI to automate your business processes in a meaningful way that can provide value to your customers? Media Horizon helps you do a  comprehensive business analysis to extract the value from your data, implement bots, cookies, and also sensor-based data collection and create AI based automation to deliver these values to your customers.

Do you know the true potential of big data is still untouched by many businesses? We work with you to recognize gaps across your business, the technology and operations, and match metrics to your business functions and industry. We can develop any kind of machine learning models and provide insights into your own custom dashboard or even integrate into your existing marketing dashboards through APIs.

We bring our knowledge in the design, develop and support of automated consistent data flows and analytics solutions at any scale. We address critical components of your solution including:

  • Data capture, cleaning, analysis & integration
  • Data security, encryption and compliance
  • Cloud, machine learning & AI technologies